We recently managed a renovation for a client to help them net an extra $75,000 in the sale of their home!

When we initially met with the clients to discuss selling their home, its current condition and the surrounding comparable homes suggested a listing price of $500,000. But we recognized that if done right, we could help them make a few repairs and upgrades that would drastically increase the sales value of their home.


So with a budget of under $25,000, we guided our clients through these upgrades and connected them with trusted contractors, and after a few weeks, the home sold in the first week of listing for $600,000 with an all cash offer!


Investing in home upgrades can lead to dividends when it comes to the value of your home, but it’s important to be systematic and intentional when making these decisions. If you’re planning on selling your home or are considering a renovation, let us know! We’re happy to provide an expert’s opinion, while connecting you with contractors who can help you get the job done.

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