Samy Gadalla

Shontel Caroll is a phenomenal real estate agent. Her “mastery of the trade” is evident in her deep domain expertise in the market geographically but also “what to look for” when going into a house. It took me a long time to find my home because I’m very particular but also because it’s an extremely competitive market in Northern Virginia. Shontel continued being completely patient, unbiased or pushy. Instead she’s so patient and joyful. Towards the end of this period, she was very pregnant but yet still always available, guiding and advising and negotiating on my behalf like a mama bear. She even did the final walkthrough herself, checking all the boxes! I’m an HR Manager by profession and can tell a good talent when I see one (and wouldn’t work with one that’s not). This is one great talent who I can blindly trust. Especially in this field, honesty and truthfulness are much needed. Shontel transcends both.

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