Pierson reality was excellent! From the moment we started working with Shontel in find our dream house to signing the dotted lines at the end, the Pierson team was there and always available to answer any questions we had. I am a first time home buyer. I didn’t understand all the work that had to go into buying a house. From our first initial meeting, the process was explained well and in depth. Then we started the house hunt. There are so many houses and they move so quick. Having a company represent you and being prompt is a must have and they fulfilled that requirement. The part where Pierson stands above the completion is the negotiation process. Going back and forth on pricing and talking through strategy was important. I wanted to go in guns blazing multiple times and my wife and the Pierson team brought me back down to a healthy spot. I really loved working with Tim Pierson, Shontel Cunnings and the rest of the Pierson team! We will be using them again when we decide to move.

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